Mozdex Open Search Engine

Corporate Info

Mozdex is wholy owned by Small Productions, a Sole Proprietership based in Pennsylvania.

About Small Productions

Small Productions started in January of 2002 as a Web Hosting and ASP Solution Provider. In later October 2003 we sold off our Hosting assets and started focusing on our Search projects and Contextual maketing solutions. In April of 2004 was launched.

What is Mozdex?

Mozdex is our solution to proprietary search solutions. Our business philosopy is to provide an open and transparent index that is fair to all. Mozdex is supported through user donations as well as Sponsored listings on our Mozads Networks.


We are actively seek investors who are interested in supporting an open index system. If you are interested in supporting and being a part of this project please contact Let us know how you can help us grow and achieve our goals.