Mozdex Open Search Engine

About Byron

Byron Miller - Founder

As quoted by LinuxToday, "mozdex is the brain child of Byron Miller". I launched this project as a proof of concept to myself and the world that open ideas, open institutions, processes and algorithms can do just as good - if not better than proprietary systems. With the recent consolidation of many search engines and the lack of a completely transparent system I felt this was a great opportunity to step in and do what I could to make a truly open search engine possible.

About Me

I have been addicted to technology and computing for as long as I can remember having access to such devices. I've done everything from Amiga, early DOS, Atari up through DESQview, OS/2 and now many variants of unix os systems. By day I'm soon to be a father and work as a DBA for a large tech company, by night i continue my entry into fatherhood, family man and work on this and many other of my projects :)

I've had the support of great companies like IBM when i was an avid TeamOS/2 fanatic to Mustang Software by providing me free copies of Wildcat! to run my BBS on and the support of other people who shared my visions and interests. It is my hopes that I can do the same for others and through I look forward to sharing all I can with the community who has helped me get to where I am today.