Mozdex Open Search Engine

About Us

mozDex is a search engine seeded from the directory. mozDex uses open source search technologies to create an open and fair index.

Our goal is to index the entire web in html content. We want to be able to provide a powerful and open search service to the community. While we do offer paid inclusions to help us pay for the service, we pride ourselves on fair and honest results.

Please remember that this current system is in BETA - This is NOT the final index and there WILL be missing pages and documents - However anything added to this index such as urls submitted or anything already included will be carried over to the production index once it is available.

Search Philosophy

Some people may say that providing the insight into the results will offer cheaters a better way to get higher ranks, but our view is it allows us to openly discover and communicate new methods and algorithms that give a better view and representation that is less Fallible to cheaters.

Why Open Source

Proprietary systems have already been done. We are here to utilize open technologies and open source to build an index that doesn't use proprietary software, processes or algorithms. Freedom of information and how that information gets to you is what mozdex is about.

Can I Help?

We can use all the help we an get. Join in the support of Nutch, Lucene, Jakarta and the other projects. We need people who are good with Java, great with Linux and intuitive. We are looking for people to help integrate spell checking, geotargeted queries and many other features. At the same time it costs a fortune to pay for bandwidth and servers, so please consider making a contribution if possible.