Mozdex Open Search Engine


Why does the world need mozDex?

Search engines are free to use like television is free to watch, but, like television programming, search results are subject to manipulation by the interests that control them. The only way one can be certain that search results are unbiased is if the technology which computes them is public. mozDex seeks to make high-quality search technology freely available. We also express concern about recentconsolidation and termination of search engines out there and feel this is the best opportunity to bring an open search index based on open technologies to light.

Will mozDex ever be as good as other search engines?

We hope it will be better. With developers and researchers from around the world helping out, we hope to be able to surpass the quality of what any single company can do.

How can I stop mozDex from crawling my site?

Please visit our webmaster info page.

How can I make sure that mozDex crawls my site?

mozDex uses the DMOZ Open Directory to bootstrap its crawling. So the best way to get your site crawled by mozDex is to make sure that it is listed in the Open Directory. You can also click the "Add Url" link on the menu to add your sites quickly